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Anxiety consists of feelings related to persistent worry, nervousness, fear, and unease due to uncertainty. It manifests in many forms including, but not limited to,

  • excessive worry

  • irritability

  • isolation

  • fatigue

  • difficulty concentrating

  • Obessive thoughts and/or compulsive behaviors

  • experience of somatic symptoms such as heart palpations, sweating, shaking, stomach issues, aches, and more

It can be difficult to pin-point the root causes of anxiety and you may think to yourself that you do not understand why you feel this way. Maybe you have experienced anxiety since childhood or maybe these symptoms have recently surfaced. We can work together to identify specific triggers, examine your core beliefs, identify how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors correlate to each other, and develop ways to restructure your thoughts so effective coping mechanisms can be implemented. 

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