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  • What is your client focus and what do you specialize in treating?

    • This practice focuses on treating adults over the age of 18. We specialize in the following: anxiety, life transitions, relationship issues, attachment issues, self-esteem, and stress management. 

  • Can I reach out to set up therapy services for my spouse/friend/family member?

    • We understand that reaching out to a therapist can be difficult, but the individual seeking therapy must contact us themselves. This is because individuals initiating contact on a prospective client's behalf may do so without their knowledge or consent, or may want services for the prospective client rather than the prospective client wanting services for themselves. Therapy is a very personal choice and the client should have autonomy in the decision of attending therapy and choosing who they seek therapy from. ​

  • Where do therapy sessions take place?

    • This practice offers both in-person and virtual sessions. The office is located at 2317 Silas Deane Highway, Suite 2 in Rocky Hill, CT. Virtual sessions are conducted through a secure, HIPAA and PCI compliant EHR platform. Once an appointment is scheduled, you will receive link to set up your client portal. You are able to access virtual sessions through this portal.

  • How long do therapy sessions typically last?

    • Each therapy session lasts approximately 50 minutes.

  • What should I expect during the first appointment?

    • The purpose of the initial appointment is to gather background information, identify presenting problems, and create an individualized treatment plan to help reach your goals. This is also an opportunity to decide if we would be a good fit for on-going treatment.

  • Do you require a payment method on file?

    • We require a card to be on file as a convenient method of payment for the portion of services that your insurance does not cover or violation of the cancellation policy. This payment method will be stored in a HIPAA and PCI compliant electronic health records system.

  • ​What is your cancellation policy?
    • We understand that emergencies and urgent matters do arise and if possible, given the circumstance, please contact this practice to reschedule before your appointment. You must provide 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep an appointment due to non-emergent circumstances. If you provide less than 24 hours notice for a cancellation, you will be charged a fee of $50. If you no-show an appointment, you will be charged the full contracted session rate set by your insurance company. Insurance does not cover or pay for this charge. For self-pay clients, the full session charge is $125.

  • Do you prescribe medication?

    • ​This practice does not prescribe medication. If you are seeking a psychiatric evaluation or medication management, referral sources for medical professionals in the area can be provided.

  • Do you see clients who live out of state via telehealth?

    • This practice is not licensed to practice clinical work outside of Connecticut and does not have a state reciprocity license. Client's must be physically in the state of Connecticut to receive treatment.

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